Cookie Statement

What are cookies?

'Cookies' are small text files that are stored by the web browser on your computer or mobile device. Websites use these files to store information such as personalisation details or the contents of a shopping basket. Learn more about cookies.

We use cookies with SchoolView for the following purposes:

  • Login - these cookies are used to verify whether your login has been authenticated and with whom (Microsoft or Google). As part of the authentication process Microsoft and Google will set cookies of their own.
  • Statistics - to track how many unique users we have, how often they visit our website, and which parts of our website are most used, and to help keep us informed of any issues with the application. These cookies are set by Microsoft Azure Application Insights. Data we collect includes which of our pages are most frequently visited and functionality most used, and we use this information to continually improve our applications.

What cookies are used on SchoolView?

.AspNet.Cookies Used to support the login process
ai_user Used by Microsoft Azure Application Insights to track unique users
ai_session User by Microsoft Azure Application Insights to track unique sessions

Session Storage

Session storage is similar to a cookie, data in session storage is held in your browser until your session ends and is also shared with the server when specifically sent.

We use session storage with SchoolView to support the login process and statistics.